Why use Be Activated?

Our muscles are suited to perform specific tasks. When we get injured, our bodies make appropriate adjustments. For example, we may limp or restrict movement of an affected limb. When such compensation occurs, the body uses alternative muscles that enable us to function again.

If you suffer from an aching neck, sore shoulders or other muscle strains, or if you are in pain after working out, chances are your muscles aren’t being used correctly.

Using muscles to do things they are not optimized for can result in:

  •  Limited mobility
  • Injuries as a result of compromised body movements
  • Referred or localized pain that continues for months or even years after the initial injury

The longer we carry our pain, the more our bodies get used to it

Our body has two priorities for survival; to breathe and to move – and without both – we will die!  Our body finds ways to meet those priorities, and it’s willing to sacrifice anything else in order to do this –Douglas Heel

Stress, poor posture and physical injury can cause the body to compromise itself. Such issues can become embedded in our movements for a long time to come, possibly forever, if they aren’t properly treated before the ailment is resolved. The longer we carry our pain, the more our bodies get used to it, to the point where we become physically inhibited without knowing how such issues originated.

That’s when we make a conscious attempt to compromise how we move. We put up with physical restrictions, endure the pain, and suffer with short-term solutions like pills and ointments.

What is in the mind is in the body, what’s in the body is in the mind –Douglas Heel

The result – our state of mind become corrupted. We become depressed or angry, and our stress inevitably increases. The cycle continues as the physical pain increases, perhaps leading to an all-new injury.

Benefits and principles of Be Activated (Muscle Activation) Technique

Muscle Activation Technique is a very powerful therapeutic approach and can be successfully used:

  • as a part of Injury and Rehab program, and Postural improvements
  • to Boost your personal performance and improve your health, well-being and stress in your life
  • to improve your athletic performance at all levels,givig you more strength, flexibility, endurance, power and keep you injury free

Whether you need aid from a debilitating problem that never seems to end, or desire to enhance your athletic performance, muscle activation can successfully help you get on track.

Muscle activation stimulates reflexes which “reminds” muscles of their intended functions, so they can do their job efficiently. The results are often immediate and can remain so, leaving you with a rejuvenated body.

With muscle activation, it won’t be long before you forget what the pain you went through even felt like.

Be Activated System fundamentals:

  • You body cannot operate if you are in Fight or Flight Mode. Our body’s skill to defeat pressure and stress of life can result in decreased movement and exercise; strength, flexbility and power. This results in poor performance, dysfunction and pain, both in physical and mental aspect.
  • What is in our Body is in our Mind and
  • What is in our Mind is in our Body
  • Our body transforms when we connect the mind to the muscle

The restoration of optimal and free movement has a favorable impact on your body, not just physically, but also on your mood and overall well-being.

I am now using Be Activated techniques with clients who suffer from long-term postural issues, back pain, shoulder pain, insomnia, stress, anxiety, other issues. I’ve trained with a man named Douglas Heel who created a program called “Be Activated”.

This fantastic system can also be used to optimize athletic performance, golf swings, running, and so much more…

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