Importance of Maintenance your Body

Why do we find ourselves neglecting the basics of good health?

When it comes to health being proactive is the name of the game. Eating right, getting a good night’s rest and regular exercise, are all things we know we should be doing.

Importance of Maintenance your Body

Your Body Is Just Like A Car. It Deserves Regular Routine maintenance!

Body alignment and good posture is not exempt from this common mistake. People often end up at a massage session seeking immediate relief from some sort of pain or ache. The problem is at this point they have generally already done a lot of damage and the price, both physical and financially, to get us back to balance can be costly. Additionally, after relief is achieved another massage is not booked till the pain remerges. This means the money spent to relief initial pain is a sunk cost and the patient must start back at square one.

While the mind seeks to remove pain in the moment and then feels satisfied, the body needs much more. In order to reduce the chance of pain and injury going forward the body’s balance and alignment must be corrected and muscles must be retrained to create good posture and overall strengthen. Doing so will greatly decreases the chance of future pain and/or injury.

Once this level of repair has been met, regular maintenance must be performed to preserve the progress made.  Ensuring not to slip back into bad habits, regular massage sessions should be scheduled.

Seeking immediate relief for bad behavior seems to be the most common trigger that pushes people back into practicing good healthy habits. The problem is this choice comes at a high price. Treat health as the top priority, without it everything becomes much harder and with it everything becomes much easier.

Don’t wait too long to schedule your next massage!


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Sebastian is from Poland, where he completed his Bachelor's Degree in Health, Nutrition and Fitness. He has been practising massage and bodywork since 2003.He loves practicing massage and seeing the resulting physical and emotional responses of his patients. His education in massage and bodywork is consistently ongoing as he considers it to be a fantastic life adventure.The people he has previously worked with include: professional footballers, triathletes, runners, crossfit junkies and general busy members with everyday aches and pains.
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