A superb therapeutic massage is not only relaxing, additionally it can release chronic muscular tensions that restrict movement and cause pain. Following a powerful therapeutic massage, a person could even leave with a more clear or new awareness of where she keeps chronic tensions and a feeling of the way to release these tensions.

Practicing massage and body work is much more than just a job for me, it is more of a passion and this is why I am really good at it. For me, massage therapist is never too learned; he/she is always in the process of learning and getting better with each passing day. I consistently believe in this and always look to apply what I learn for the benefit of my clients.

I will be attending a few excellent trainings in 2015!

On September and October I will start my Journey with Somatics (Somatics Exercise Coach Training). Hanna Somatics is a safe, gentle, and sensible method of restore from chronic pain and have ease of movement throughout your life. Somatics is sensory-motor training that works well for all sorts of stress, injury, and movement problems. It works for kids, it really works for aging bodies, it works for everyone.

Another Fantastic addition which I add to Therapeuticus Sports and Remedial Massage would be Acupuncture Techniques for Sports Injuries. Acupuncture has a successful history with sports injuries. Using Dry Needling to deal with acute injuries began decades ago. Specific acupuncture variations and methods were created to stop pain and drastically improve recovery time. 

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Sebastian is from Poland, where he completed his Bachelor's Degree in Health, Nutrition and Fitness. He has been practising massage and bodywork since 2003.He loves practicing massage and seeing the resulting physical and emotional responses of his patients. His education in massage and bodywork is consistently ongoing as he considers it to be a fantastic life adventure.The people he has previously worked with include: professional footballers, triathletes, runners, crossfit junkies and general busy members with everyday aches and pains.
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