Are you new to the world of deep tissue massage?

If so, please read this closely. Here I am going to tell you exactly what to expect after a massage. Along with a few tips to make it feel less painful. Yes, there may be some pain and discomfort after a deep tissue massage. It’s important that you realise the pain is normal. You should feel pain after receiving a deep tissue massage, especially if this is your very first one. Don’t let that stop you from receiving one. The health benefits far outweigh the discomfort afterwards.

Muscle Soreness after Massage

Experiencing pain is a natural way the body reacts to the great effects obtained following your therapeutic massage session. You have to remember just how much your muscles have been through. A deep tissue massage is a strong workout for your muscles. An excellent therapeutic massage will assist to flush toxins away from the muscles -this might lead to soreness and aches after a massage, since the body works to express the toxins. So, in case you get out of bed the following morning a bit sore, it’s most likely because you received a great therapeutic massage.

Chillout for next 12-24 hours

After a vigorous, deep tissue massage, your body needs rest. You’ve just been through a lot. Allow your mind and body to collect itself for a bit. Yes, you might feel relaxed and refreshed. But it is advisable to chill out for next 12-24 hours after your massage. You should completely avoid the gym and strenuous physical exercises, like yoga or pilates. So, take it easy and let your body get back into shape.

Excess Release of Emotions

Don’t be surprised if you experience some emotional periods after a massage. After this deep tissue massage, one tends to feel and express different types of emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety. You can also feel lack of energy throughout the day.

Intake Water

Pamper your body with loads of water before and after deep tissue massage; this will help you to remove the toxins from the body which are released during massage from muscles. Drinking water will also rehydrate the muscles which will reduce the muscle stiffness or muscle pain after massage. Avoiding water may lead to more sleep, laziness, at times depression, the particular part of the body may also be sore for longer duration than expected, hence drink water!

Take a warm Epsom Salt Bath or Shower

Being a massage therapist, I frequently advise my clients to take a Warm Epsom salt Bath following a therapeutic massage due to many factors. I’ve moved a lot of metabolic waste while I manipulated the muscles. Water intake will assist in getting rid of these harmful toxins out; however, you still may experience aches and soreness for 1 – 2 days after your massage.

Epsom salt in bath stimulates perspiration and draws acidic waste products: primarily uric acid through the pores of the skin -this helps to reduce soreness and pain. Epsom Salt also sedates the nervous system, reduces swelling and relaxes muscles.

Stretch after a Day

After 12 or 24 hours of rest, you should start gentle movements of your body and light stretching -this will help reduce the pain and ache left after the deep tissue massage.

Are you still feeling pain and discomfort after doing all this? Undergo Contrast hydrotherapy.

You can use ice packs and heating packs based on your therapist’s advice. You can also keep changing it from hot to cold and repeat it again (always start and end with ice):

  • 3 minutes Ice (ice pack or frozen vegetables, like peas in thin towel)
  • 4 minutes Heat (heating pack)
  • 3 minutes Ice
  • 4 Minutes Heat
  • 3 Minutes Ice

Therapeutic massages have many health benefits. It’s the very reason why you should be receiving them regularly. Don’t be alarmed if you’re first few visits are quite painful. You’ll get used to it after awhile. You should receive massages regularly. Think of it as another tool to keep your body healthy. You’ll be amazed by how good you feel after having received regular massages.

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Sebastian is from Poland, where he completed his Bachelor's Degree in Health, Nutrition and Fitness. He has been practising massage and bodywork since 2003.He loves practicing massage and seeing the resulting physical and emotional responses of his patients. His education in massage and bodywork is consistently ongoing as he considers it to be a fantastic life adventure.The people he has previously worked with include: professional footballers, triathletes, runners, crossfit junkies and general busy members with everyday aches and pains.
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